Interior designers and architects throughout Colorado were encouraged to submit their entry form which includes photos of their artwork. The DAP selection committee then met to review and select the final participating designers featured below. Please contact Lindsay Thornburg at to receive the call for entries form.

navy 2x3

Allison Mayer | Pear Workplace Solutions

Using natural materials, I create simple everyday objects and panel art with a folksy, simple feeling. Working with leather and wood primarily.

Andrea Rector | Gallun Snow

My paintings are inspired by nature, architecture, and everyday objects. I generally create detailed, realistic paintings but have recently been focusing on more simple shapes and color blocking. My latest collection is called “MascTots”.

Bethany Brewer | Pear Workplace Solutions

Combining old world tools with a modern aesthetic, I love the process of weaving.  I was entranced from an early age by the magical process of how simple threads came together to become more than what they were.  Now, I express my joy through use of colors and patterns as I bring the art of weaving to a new generation.

Dan Marshman | Kieding

My passion for travel is a recurring theme in my Photography and Prints. There is no better souvenir than to bring home a stunning image that not only reflects the beauty of the location but also the mood and energy of the experience itself. I try to bring the same mood and energy to my printmaking process. I use a technique of layering color that may not be a literal reflection of the location but more an abstract representation of the memories and emotions that the images themselves evoke within me. These abstract monotypes are then over-printed with the photographic image and in some cases reworked with acrylic or pencil. Each print is unique; I often work in series with multiple unique prints of a single subject.

Holly Royval | Trio Environments

I thrive on positivity and surround myself with creative, fun-loving people. Most of my inspiration is taken from the energy I feel when playing with color and of course from our beautiful state of

Kelsey McNatt | Trio Environments

As an interior designer I’m inspired daily by architecture and structures, I take all the things around me and combine it in my art. I love bold and colorful fashion and I love to bring that into my art as well. Painting makes me happy and I paint solely for that. I’m a self-taught watercolorist that is constantly learning and experimenting, I’m an artist that embraces imperfection and sees beauty in everything.

Kelsey Relph | Infrastructure Engineers, Inc.

Kelsey Sylvan selects subjects from nature and mildly abstracts them by exaggerating color and texture. She derives inspiration from nature, the energy of cities, and her travels.

Lara Oliver | Self-Employed

Every time I see a piece of discarded furniture, or a piece of furniture that has been labeled “useless”, I re-imagine it as an art piece.  It’s a blank canvas now, but when I am through with it? It will be wanted, it will be touched, it will be used, it will have purpose – and it will be unique.  ONE person will own this ONE piece that will never be duplicated.


Nicole Brindle | ELA Sales

Emerging mixed media artist, Nicole A. Brindle is the founder of Skye Design Denver. A Denver native and graduate of The Art Institute of Colorado, Nicole holds a BA degree in Interior Design which she earned in 2011. She has spent the past few years exploring different mediums, techniques, and styles.

At a very young age, Nicole discovered her passion for the arts. Nicole describes her visual works as dark in nature, but colorful. Her work is her way of expressing emotions and showing the world her passion for color, and composition.

Patty Gut | Studiotrope

I am interested in the natural world, the synthetic world and their interaction. Working as an architect, you participate in both. Creating jewelry is another way to explore building on a smaller scale.

06- Joe Replin Building 1441 LarimerRamiro Diaz | The Beck Group

As an architect, I employ “learning by drawing”.  I discover places, people, and experiences through urban sketching.  My painting expresses the real-time perception in the urban environment and the people walking about their day living their lives.  I not only produce a piece of art, I become engaged with the history, the people, and the life of the city.

Su Ryong Kim | Design Studio Be, Inc.

With the growing population, Denver is becoming a more diverse community. I want to provide Denver’s art community with Asian-inspired designs using local fabrics and resources.


Tina Alberico Stoecklein | Alvarez Morris Architectural Studios

My mind wonders a lot. From architecture, photography, art, fashion, to storm chasing. Please enjoy this small sample of my wandering mind!